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Bay of Pigs

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Austin, TX
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Machine guitars, thumpin bass, groove filled drums, and heavy, yet catchy style vocals combined together makes for a unique style of music. What Style, You ask? Fans of Bay of Pigs have crowned it Southern Fried Weed Rock. A name that Bay of Pigs have adopted, as their own. Take a dash of Southern Rock, a pinch of Hard rock, and a big heaping cup of their Doomy/Slugdy signature sound. Mix it up and bam! Out comes some the best smoky hard rock music heard in years.

Formed in early 2008, Bay of Pigs are a rare breed. Tired of the same old sounding hard rock and metal, Shaggy (vocals) decided enough was enough, and tirelessly searched for professional musicians alike for the perfect lineup. Not just good musicians, but musicians with the same vision and good friends as well. The outcome was extraordinary. All veterans of the music scene. Shaggy on vocals, Mike Howard on bass, Clayton Long on Drums and Chad Bennett on Guitars. Four guys who share a common bond thats strong as Oak. It shows in the heart of the music.

Bay of Pigs regularly perform live all across Texas and travel throughout the U.S. They are a thrilling and compelling band to watch live. With tons of energy and tight grooves, the band brings a well-rounded exciting live experience to the stage. Sharing the stage with many national acts such as Corrosion of Conformity, Valient Thorr, Orange Goblin (UK), Zoroaster, Kylesa, The gates of slumber, NAAM, House of Broken Promises, Sasquatch, Iron Age, Weedeater and Monster Magnet to name a few.

Their first CD effort was released in 2011, titled The Harvest. A southern rock style record with a slowed down heavy groove. Redneck explains what they are about. A bunch of country boys who like to throw back some beers, smoke a bit, bbq, ride Harleys, drive big trucks and jam kick ass music. Bay of Pigs also dives in to and explores eastern religions on Flight of Ghenesha and greek mythology such as Maridusa. Southern Sun is a full blown Southern Rock anthem that rocks even the light hearted. Produced by sludge legend and SOURVEIGN member Josh Crapo.

Their second release (To be released in June 2012) URCHIN, produced by the Texas guitar Legend David Zychek (Night Ranger, Zychek Band, AIRBORNE and Ted Nugent/Texas Hippie Coalition producer) is an all-out Southern Swamp assault on the world. Theyre message on this one is simple. Injustice. Pissed off at the way they view what is going on in the world, they let you know just how they feel. The Opening track URCHIN has the same feeling you get when you hear Black Sabbath Records. Goose bumps! Just while the hair is standing up on your neck, the songs belts right into the next track FEAST. Mid paced, searing guitar and the rhythm section forming a barrier that cant be denied. Every song on the album is a hard rock feast of different styles, all blending together to form a glue that seals the band together as one well-oiled machine.

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  • Bay of Pigs - Community & Recreation - Musicians - Austin & surrounding area Photo
  • Bay of Pigs - Community & Recreation - Musicians - Austin & surrounding area Photo
  • Bay of Pigs - Community & Recreation - Musicians - Austin & surrounding area Photo
  • Bay of Pigs - Community & Recreation - Musicians - Austin & surrounding area Photo
  • Bay of Pigs - Community & Recreation - Musicians - Austin & surrounding area Photo

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