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    Business in Austin TX - ADayInAustinAccording to a 2013 report by Forbes, Austin is the #1 growing city in the United States with a job growth rate of over 3% and median salary of $63,200.

    Business is thriving for the capital city as it embraces new tech start-ups every year with resounding success. As the home of SXSW Interactive Conference, Austin sees the birth of new excited businesses every year as the city expands to surrounding metropolitan areas of Round Rock, TX and San Marcos, TX.

    Whether you are an entrepreneur, investment manager, or simply looking for career advancement Austin is the central location for your business needs. Austin is a vibrant growing environment that has proven an increase in growth for the past 7 years. New developments are popping up every month.

    Do you want in on the action? You have found your guide! Stay informed with for the latest of what is growing in the Austin business community.

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