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12/26/2016 - Yogi Insider: Foundation for Health

Yogi Insider: Foundation for Health

    During winter season, it is important to pay extra attention to your body. The increase in airborne illness and drop in cold temperatures combine for a siege against your hard-working immune system.  With the  holidays surrounding, spending money on a doctor and medicine is something we would all like to avoid.  There are plenty of all natural ways to stay healthy, however buying all organic or stocking on essential oils and herbs can get a bit pricey.  So here are a few all-natural tips that will keep your body healthy at little or no cost.

Keep your body's alkaline level balanced

    The absolute cheapest way to keep your body alkaline is with the power of organic apple cider vinegar.  Research has shown that your immune system works best when it is at a low acidic level. Even cancerous cells are said to thrive at its weakest while in an alkaline environment.  One of the biggest questions with using apple-cider vinegar is the dosage.  Diluting with water is a great way to ease you into the benefits of this health wonder. Start off with half a cap full per 4oz of water and add more or less according to preference.  Definitely do not drink straight the first time possibly forever rendering you against it leaving a sour face imprinted.  The potency is a bit much for first timers. Once a day is good enough; maybe even twice.  Keep it handy with a 16 oz bottle fill with purified water, add two tablespoons(more or less) then just take a small swig when you are ready.

Anti-oxidants are essential for a clean system.

    Impurities can build in our bodies from the water we shower in to the processed foods we consume and the air we breathe. Unless you are bubble boy, there is absolutely no way to avoid toxins.  So it's best to cleanse them out so they do not cause a disturbance in your bodies natural flow of things.  Ginger root is a anti-oxidant powerhouse that costs cents. Ways to use include soaking thin slices in your drinking water or incorporating in your cooking diet.  Thankfully Texas is scattered with desert plane making the Cactus Plant or Nopalito an abundance in our supermarkets.  This plant contains one of the highest number of antioxidant properties available as well as anti-inflammatory agents.  It comes sliced and ready to go into your smoothies or pan dishes. 

The key term is "Anti-inflammatory"    
    Inflammation is linked to almost every illness.  Wether it is the catalyst that triggers or the end result, it will almost always be apart of the process.  Once again inflammations in the body are unavoidable so it is important to maintain it by an increase of anti inflammatory agents.  Turmeric is a medicinal all natural product that is easily accessible and of course cost efficient.  The powder is available in bulk.  Sprinkle it in your cooking or take a tiny 1/4 teaspoon washed down with water or juice.

Stay Hydrated and Exercise
    Drinking filtered water will keep your body clean.  The options are spring, distilled, mineral, or alkaline.  Keep a stainless steel canteen or bottle near by and drink small sips when needed.  Herbal teas is a perfect way to stay warm, hydrated as well as detox.  Green tea is recommended and might even make you feel zen bringing you closer to intergalactic oneness where illness doesn't exist.  Take a free-yoga class or stretch at home; even 10 seconds of stretching here and there can help our mind and body focus.  Getting a quick stretch in your day can really help with your overall well being.  Also try and get a nice walk or jog in your day even if it's just around the block.  Another way to get the blood pumping is to go out dancing in one of Austin's dance clubs.

Meditation and Rest

    Staying well rested will keep your immune system strong so if possible try and get at least 6 hours of good sleep.  If you can swing a nap in between more power to you.  Just like our bodies need sleep to re-charge so does our brain.  Meditation is a reset button for all our over thinking and once pushed can spread relief keeping your mind open on more important things such as smiling or dancing.


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