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04/08/2015 - Eeyore's Birthday

Eeyore's Birthday comes but once a year. There are those who look forward to it every year and will claim that they may miss Christmas and they may miss Thanksgiving, but they NEVER miss Eeyore's Birthday!
As they story goes, a bunch of UT students got together for a Spring picnic in 1963 and had so much fun it became a tradition. It also serves as a fund-raiser to benefit many local, Austin non-profits.
These days, thousands of people come to celebrate with every kind of instrument you can imagine and quite a few that you would never have. Drumming is one of the main activities and you'll find people beating on everything from hand-made drums, to plastic buckets to metal sprockets and anything that will make a noise!
Check this for the full history.
Eeyore's Birthday is great family fun as long as you're cool with people partying in all kinds of costumes, and some who are in not much of one. Near nudity is the norm! There are some rules these days, so be sure to visit the website to get the skinny. Dress comfortably or go crazy - a good time can be had by All!
Eeyore's 52nd Annual Birthday Party FB

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