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02/21/2014 - The Magnetic Beliefs of You

For those who have been faithfully moving forward on this transformational path and are continuing to partake in this sacred work, congratulations on your vast COURAGE. The chronic belief investigation continues. The long buried repelling beliefs that have pushed away our Good have now been exposed and have nowhere left to hide. The funny thing is, they actually believe themselves to be the Truth. HA! Interestingly enough, some of these beliefs we were well aware of, while others completely took us by surprise. No matter. The air of mystery is finally gone and we are now crystal clear as to why we've been separated from our Good. The spotlight is beaming on these imaginative little buggers and they are no longer the stars of the show, unless we let them be. We now have a sober awareness of what has been running us and those of us who are ready to get on with our healing are chomping at the bit to do so. This is a NEW DAY. We are now at CHOICE and we now know too much to comfortably go back to the way things were.

The gap between where our Dreams are living and where our present reality vibrates is not yet closed. The good news, however, is that there is no longer an unending questioning as to why our manifestations have not occurred. There is no longer a dark mysterious abyss that can hold us back from our Good, unless we let it. Yes, there is still some internal shifting to do. Our PERCEPTIONS are at the heart of our freedom and shifting them gets to be a fun and creative process. We now know exactly what we are dealing with and what playing field we are on. Our eyes are wide open as to what our recurring themes have been throughout this life. A vow to never go back there is now silently in place.

So what's next? Now that we know what's been holding us hostage, how do we get rid of these self-destructive magnets that keep us playing ridiculously small in the world? Is it really possible to turn them on their heels and shift 360 degrees? YES! If we wholeheartedly desire a different life badly enough, then there is LIGHT at the end of the tunnel. Believe it is so and walk towards it with confidence.

Remember that a belief is only a thought that's been thought over and over again. To create a new belief, we must replace the old destructive thoughts with new EMPOWERING thoughts...repeatedly...and create a new program. Your rigorous intention must be the constant INFUSION of these new ways of thinking and being. This process is simple, but it is not one for those who are looking to coast. Immense DILIGENCE is called for if we want to move beyond these old suffocating limitations. After all, it took years to solidify the old thoughts and lock them into place. Are you willing to put in the conscious work/play to shift these negative patterns of thought and secure your new beliefs? Observe what your answer is and refrain from judging it. You are at Choice now. If you are fearful, you now know that you can still choose YES and move forward with Grace.

Creating a DAILY PRACTICE is a major power tool in supporting us to play this victorious game. There are several layers of healing that are required to succeed in obliterating these misinformed thought patterns.


1. Consciously catch what dialogue you repetitively say to yourself and others throughout your days. Do not judge yourself, just observe!

2. Establish what you'd like your new beliefs to be. You get to create anything you want! What new empowering thoughts resonate with you and register as true?

(If it seems like you are lying to yourself when you say them, then you are. Choose things that only resonate in your heart as possible or true.)

3. Purposefully choose these thoughts and play them REPEATEDLY on a loop until they are your natural place to spring from. Writing them down to remind yourself of your new platform is a MUST. Place them on the mirror, on your computer, in your car, next to your bed etc... We are creatures of habit and we must be reminded of our new Truths, constantly, otherwise the old beliefs will sneak back in if we are on autopilot.

COMMITTING to implement these newly placed structures is what will support you on your new path to freedom.

Do you BELIEVE that you can do it?

To quote Henry Ford, "Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you're right."

Amy Kay Raymond (AK) is a Transformation coach, writer and professional actress who resides in Los Angeles, CA. She specializes in Conscious Core Coaching which gets to the root of it all by going with the client on a deep and delicious journey. This technique is also used in coaching individuals in the areas of career transitions, relationships, health and wellness, spiritual coaching and Law of Attraction. AK also coaches actors on both coasts to be successful in their craft and to create the lives of their dreams.

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